Feb 18, 2013 4:33 PM by MTN News - Bozeman

Baucus holds 'work day' at Wheat Montana

THREE FORKS - Wheat Montana Bakery and Farms had a little extra help this morning.

Senator Max Baucus spent several hours serving food and working on the farm as part of his work day program.

Baucus chose Wheat Montana because, he said, it is a great example of how important wheat is to Montana.

"About $2.6 worth of wheat products are sold from our state every year. Wheat's big, and I just want a direct hand in promoting the wheat business but also get this farm bill passed back there so we can get some stability and certainty in Montana agriculture," he said.

Baucus has been doing these work days, nearly 100 of them, in the course of time he's been in the Senate representing Montana. He says some of it's about the work, a refresher from getting away from Washington, D.C., but says this is really a chance to get out and meet the people of Montana.

"I always make mistakes, but it's always fun and I always learn and the main thing is getting out with people," he said.

Montana's senior senator spent several hours at Wheat Montana on Monday cleaning tables, serving food and talking with people as they came for breakfast or lunch.


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