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Feb 18, 2013 7:33 PM by Q2 News

'Baseball' on display at RMC art exhibit

BILLINGS- If baseball is more than a game for you-if it takes you back to your childhood, if it makes you think of long summer afternoons and evenings sitting on bleachers while spitting sunflower seeds-then Rocky Mountain College has an art exhibit which should have you aching for warmer weather.

The exhibit, called "Baseball: Between the Lines" is currently on display at the Ryniker- Morrison Gallery in Tech Hall.

The exhibit features the watercolor studies and oil paintings of John Giarrizzo, a Wyoming artist and college professor who has dedicated the last decade to the ongoing project.

The theme of the exhibit is baseball, with each piece capturing that exciting moment when preparation meets opportunity: when an outfielder has an opportunity to make a catch against the outfield fences.

"Personally, this series didn't make sense to me until the guy hit the wall," said Giarrizzo. "The irony was that the problem became the subject. The great fear of painting is that you hit the wall like a writer's block."

The Director of the Ryniker-Morrison gallery in Tech Hall at Rocky Mountain College, Sally McIntosh, says the exhibit displays that challenge of hitting the wall through imagery in watercolor and oil in a way even non-baseball fans will understand.

"All the accomplishments that you have in your past today really mean nothing," said Giarrizzo. "It's today. Today is the chance you've got."

If you would like to see these works of art and learn more about this exhibit, click on the video link above.

"Baseball: Between the Lines" will be on display until March 8th.

The Ryniker-Morrison Art Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m..


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