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Jul 13, 2012 1:24 AM by Q2 News

Barry Beach takes another step toward freedom

BILLINGS - From prison to potential freedom, Barry Beach's life has drastically changed in the last year. Now, the judge who released him from prison, pending a supreme court ruling on his case, says Barry Beach can now live on his own.

Judge Wayne Phillips decided this week he trusts Beach to live on his own based on his conduct so far.

Beach spent nearly three decades in prison - for the murder of 17-year old Kim Nees near Poplar.

He was released last December to live with former Yellowstone County Commissioner Ziggy Ziegler.

Beach was quick to tell Q2 Thursday night, that he must follow all other rules of his release and he is still responsible to check in with his attorneys and the Ziegler's each week.

But he also tells Q2, he plans on returning to a normal life, and he's worked hard for his home and his handyman business.

The Montana Supreme Court will now decide if Beach will be granted a new trial.

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