Mar 20, 2014 12:27 AM by David Jay - Q2 News

Billings aviation expert shares thoughts on Flight 370

BILLINGS - Many theories are spinning as to what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

Those who work in aviation may be even more curious about the mystery of what happened to the plane.

Dan Hargrove, the director of the aviation department at Rocky Mountain College, said part of the curiosity is that some of their aviation brethren has been lost and the possibility of lessons that can be learned.

The plane has been missing for 13 days.

Hargrove said after that amount of time, he fears that the plane has crashed.

CBS News reports that investigators said the plane's flight management system was reprogrammed, the transponders had been turned off and it made a left turn.

"It certainly seems the actions of the airplane were premeditated," Hargrove said. "They were done conscious. They were done by a skilled pilot. Much of that then becomes questions about the psychological state of an air crew, that I certainly don't know anything about. It is very very rare for a significant airplane accident to happen and they don't find the aircraft. They always find the aircraft."

Still, Hargrove said he is concerned the airplane may not be found. But even without the flight recorder, he is confident investigators will find out what happened.


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