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Aug 20, 2012 9:19 AM by Angela Douglas - Q2 News

Angela's Adventures: Barrel Racing & Trick Roping

BILLINGS - A night at the rodeo is jam-packed with western flare.

From bull riding and bucking broncos to trick roping and roping cattle, you're bound to be entertained.

For two decades Tomas Garcilazo has been a professional trick roper.

"This is me!" Garcilazo said when what drives him to continue the act. "I only wanted to do this on the stage with my horses, and here I am!"

Much like anything, being a master of the rope takes a lot of work.

"It's like any other skill, any other discipline," Garcilazo stated. "It take time, devotion, and passion."

With that passion, Garcilazo is on a mission to preserve and continue the long-standing tradition of Mexican cowboy roping.

Another rodeo mainstay is barrel racing.

"It's a timed event. The fastest time wins," Ryan Sankey said simply. "Within that, as with anything that looks fairly simple, there's a lot of idiosyncrasies. People spend lifetimes trying to find a way to get the fastest barrel pattern."

I'm not sure if I'm quite a speed demon on a horse, but I'm willing to give the sport a try.

Sankey saddles up her horse Hootie and I hop on. To get a feel for the course, Hootie and I walk around the arena.

Once we understand which direction we're supposed to go and which way to turn, Hootie and give it a whirl.

Eventually we find our groove and complete a pretty solid beginner run - or trot.

They may not be as intense as bronc riding, but barrel racing and trick roping make for one heck of a rodeo adventure.


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