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Feb 23, 2013 10:35 PM by Dustin Klemann - Q2 News

A shocking revelation for a non-lethal approach to self-defense

BILLINGS - The seven ounce, six inch device creates a unmistakable sound; a sharp cackle denoting nonlethal protection. The Taser's debut for civilian use dates back almost 20 years when it was first launched in 1994.

Since then, Taser claims its devices to have saved over 100,000 lives. Rich Friedel, a certified Taser Instructor, monikered the easy-to-use Taser C2 equipment a "flashlight with benefits." Friedel supports the Second Amendment but understands not everyone is comfortable with a firearm and the use of deadly force.

"Taser is a non-lethal, self-protection tool, consumer tool, that Taser makes. It's effective, it's absolutely effective," said Friedel.

It's compact, fits in a pocket, and is deployed with a simple push of a button. The two prongs can travel 180 feet-per-second, leaving the target with a muscle-debilitating 50,000 volts for 30 seconds; an ample amount of time to escape a dangerous situation.

Friedel demoed the C2's effectiveness Saturday afternoon at Three Sights Shooting range, dispelling common misconceptions of the electronic control device. Is the assailant wearing a leather jacket? From 15 feet, the Taser C2 has enough juice to penetrate and be effective.

Ann Hillman, an experienced gun owner, found the non-lethal alternative surprisingly easier to fire than a gun. "No kick. It was real simple. It went off before I realized it was going to. You're not worried about hurting the person, just stopping them."

Unlike the police issued Tasers, which the stun lasts about five seconds, the C2 continues for another 25 seconds. Each cartridge can only be fired once, but if still connected, the device can pump volts multiple times.

Friedel said most people become comfortable with the device after a 15 minute demonstration.

"They were going, 'I didn't realize how simple this was, no kickback, it's easy to use.' The women I had demonstrate it says 'Oh yeah, I would ready that before even thinking about pulling the gun out,'" said Friedel.

To see the C2 in action, click on the video above. (Disclaimer: I do not get tased in the video and yes, I know that's disappointing)

Taser C2 devices can be found by clicking HERE and start at $299.

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