Jun 21, 2013 11:41 AM by Judy Slate - MTN News

A moose on the loose in Bozeman

BOZEMAN - A young bull moose attracted a lot of attention on Thursday morning as it trotted around Bozeman.

After hanging out for a while near the MSU campus, the moose - estimated to be somewhere between 1 1/2 to 2 years old - headed toward the Law & Justice Center.

Then he stopped near an apartment complext at 20th and Dickerson to munch on some leaves, and then headed west.

A spokeswoman for the MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks said, "We tried to get it to move south on its own, eventually made its way to Rosauers Fowler here."

By that time, the moose was getting a bit weary from running around town and attracting so much attention, so he tucked into the bushes near Rosauers and bedded down, and that's when FWP moved in.

The spokeswoman explained, "It was getting a little too close to commercial actitivty and it was becoming a little agitated in the end."

FWP darted the moose with a tranquilizer, and once the moose got sleepy enough and nodded off, wildlife crews took vital signs and a blood sample, and then loaded the moose into a transport truck.

Once he was safely inside the trailer, FWP administered another drug to counteract the tranquilizer, and the moose began stirring.

The moose was taken to Spanish Creek area of the Gallatin National Forest, where he was released and seemed none worse for the wear on this adventurous day.

These photos were shared with us by viewer Liza Heer:


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