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Nov 27, 2012 12:13 PM by Dustin Klemann - Q2 News

5-year-old Billings girl's hero, a half a world away

BILLINGS - Five years to the day, after a life saving bone marrow transfusion, a Billing girl, her family, and the man who saved her are on a mission.

Monday - at MSU-B - the group told their story of success and the drive to get people signed up as donors.

Soon after she was born, little Jada Bascom, was diagnosed with Leukemia and faced a less than 50 percent chance of surviving.

After chemotherapy failed, the family looked for donor matches. Unfortunately, neither anyone in the family - nor anyone in the United States for that matter - were matches for Jada.

The family expanded their search and it was a 30-year-old man who lived in small town in south Germany who was the answer.

Torsten Huber was the perfect 10-point match Jada needed for her transplant.

How did Huber find he was a perfect match? A simple cotton swab of his cheek put him on a list of donors.

Three years later, Huber met Jada and her family on a snowy day in New York City.

And he doesn't want any credit. Hero is the last word he'd use to describe his donation, "I'm not the hero because I did not really have a bad time for making the donation. For me, (Jada's family) are the heroes."

Jada's grandmother, Jeana Moore, felt compelled to bring the joy to other families affected by 70 different diseases that bone marrow transplants can treat.

"My daughter - I can see her from where I'm sitting - as she has tears in her eyes and this is how much it means to us," Moore said.

She began the Jada Bascom Foundation, aimed to educates people about the importance of registering and potentially saving a life.

Huber's simple decision created a rippling effect; his donation has indirectly led to 5000 others signing up as a possible life saving donor.

Moore says 21 people's marrow have helped save lives after signing up.

She walked across American and this year, she took her efforts across the Atlantic, and walked from the Balkin Sea to Venice Italy, relying on the generosity of others.

"We really are as a family of man connected more closely than we know. And having found Torsten so far away, and being the perfect match for my granddaughter, it really brought the awareness to me of how closely related we are."

Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the long road to Jada's recovery.

She's now in remission and as vibrant as ever.

Torsten understands that our love and gratitude run so deeply that we're committed to helping others...

And for those in need of marrow, sometimes there is just one hero.

If you want to become a donor, be the match for someone by clicking here.


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